A Preview of The Huntstock Outdoors Festival

A Preview of The Huntstock Outdoors Festival

This week we sit down with Patrick Guyette from the Hunt Suburbia Podcast to talk about the Huntstock Outdoor festival and what its all about. As this is a new show in the outdoor industry, it has taken on a music festival spin and encompassing the outdoor media genre into the festivities. Live seminars and podcasts from some of the biggest YouTube and podcast platforms will be doing their thing both on and off stage, with plenty of gear booths, expos, and a very unique take on 3D archery.

We discuss the vision and plan for the event as well as walk though some of the names and events that will take place during the 3 days, first of its kind, outdoor show in Massachusetts. Jump in for the details, and buy your tickets early, room is limited and you wont want to miss this one!


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