Cobra Archery - Revitalizing a Brand | Episode 102

Cobra Archery - Revitalizing a Brand | Episode 102

A father and son sitting in a field watching deer…Talking archery... and their archery company… what else could you ask for? We are happy to be joined by Jake and his son to talk about the new developments from Cobra Archery since taking ownership a couple years back. As they glass the fields and brag about the turkeys and deer, we get the inside scoop on the changes that have been made to a brand in the industry we all knew growing up.

Sometimes a change in ownership is all it takes to reinvent and invigorate a product line, and that is exactly what Jake did with Cobra. Unique, authentic, and groundbreaking innovations to bring the brand back to life! Stay tuned, and you may look twice when you see the snake now…

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