Cuttin Hogs and Hair with Jenn Cubbage - Episode 66

Cuttin Hogs and Hair with Jenn Cubbage - Episode 66

Cutting Hair and Hogs, That’s the only way I can describe this weeks Guest! Were Joined by Jenn Cubbage to talk about her recent dive into the world of hunting. There are those who learn to hunt on their own, there are those who DIY Hunt, and then there is Jenn… Who learned how to DIY Hunt on her own while making all the boys look like sissies in the process.

There isn’t much that this guest isn’t willing to jump headfirst into. We talk about her journey into hunting, the success she has found, her current goals, and even get into some of her scariest moments in the outdoors so far. Buckle Up for this one cause this drive is both inspiring and full throttle.

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