Dr. Ashby - 40 years of Arrow Research - Episode 68

Dr. Ashby - 40 years of Arrow Research - Episode 68

Heavy arrows, High FOC arrows, Adult arrows… Call them what you want, but the science behind them had to come from someone… This week we talk to Dr. Ed Ashby, The Founder of the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation and the man who has dedicated over 40 years of his life to developing the science and evidence behind the Heavy Arrow Trend.

We discuss how Dr. Ashby ended up living and hunting in Africa in the 80’s, spurring the research that has driven the arrow industry, and some of the crazy experiences he had while acquiring the data first hand. Also covered is the discussion on conservation, how hunters help Africa, and the importance of the research in opening archery opportunities around the world.

For all the data, please visit: ashbybowhunting.org

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