Giant Deer and Treestands Josh Stubbs

Giant Deer and Treestands Josh Stubbs

Josh Stubbs from Elevate Treestands joins us to take us through the behind the scenes and the start of making treestands and where it all started. But that is not all that we talk about in this one what fun would it be with out a big buck story. He takes us into his monster Kansas buck story from this season. Come and take the ride with us on The Outdoor Drive. 


Topics Covered: 

  • Intro recap 
  • New for your Cruise 
  • Killers Corner 
  • The start of Elevate 
  • Background of Josh
  • Big Buck stories 
  • Naming Bucks


Huntworth Gear:

Nor'easter Game Calls:

Zeus Broadheads:

Vital Ground Outdoors:





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