Jim Shockey *Bonus Episode* | Episode 94

Jim Shockey *Bonus Episode* | Episode 94

Jim Shockey joins us to talk about the outdoor world after 50 years of experience in the industry. Jim does an incredible job of explaining the importance of respecting the chase over the harvest,  and hee brings into perspective the need to embrace the chase and understand the connection to the land, world, and culture that makes our modern hunting experience what it is.

Preferring the term Naturalist over Hunter, Jim strives to envelop the culture of hunting from a worldwide perspective, and is adamant that we should do our best to represent hunting as well as we possibly can to hold the high ground and be responsible for representing hunters in a positive light. It is our responsibility to uphold the foundation that Jim has helped to create, and we hope all of you will take this to heart and do just that…

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