Matt Brunswick - HOW TO DEFEND YOUR HARVEST!!! | Episode 92

Matt Brunswick - HOW TO DEFEND YOUR HARVEST!!! | Episode 92

Preparing to harvest a world class deer? Be sure to tune in and take some advice from someone who did just that!  Matt Brunswick joins us to discuss the proactive steps he took to mitigate rumors, legal issues, and jealousy trash talk when hunting an absolute giant!!! Being very familiar with the law, Matt planned out how to protect himself from speculation when he decided to focus on this Monster Buck for the season, and documented everything with the support of Game and Fish when the chase came to fruition to seal the deal.

There can be no doubting the truth behind this buck and its harvest, not to mention the methods, tactics, and dedication it took to put the whole puzzle together. This episode may just give you some ideas how to lock down that giant buck you’ve been chasing…

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