Rookie Tips for Hunting Out West - BackCountry Rookies

Rookie Tips for Hunting Out West - BackCountry Rookies


Never hunted out west but want to? Maybe a tad intimidated? Where do you get started and what should you expect? This week we introduce you to a Great fellow Podcast that tackles exactly that. Chad from the Back Country Rookies Podcast jumps on to talk western hunting, and some things to consider as a rookie going west. The physical reality, ways to increase your experience without losing years’ worth of points in a trophy unit, stories of what it was like for him, and much more.

Back Country Rookies set out not to give expert advice, but instead to bring on guests to receive expert advice as they navigate the world of western hunting and sharing their experience with you. But, I want to be clear, Chad is no “rookie” when it comes to a lot of things, and his world and life experiences are second to none. Check out his show and learn how he applies all of this into understanding how to be successful out west.


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