Spearfishing with Tri State Skin Divers | Episode 96

Spearfishing with Tri State Skin Divers | Episode 96

This week were diving into so see what spearfishing is all about with Josh and Mitch from Tri-State Skindivers. With the laid-back attitude associated with the lifestyle, they walk us through a high-level look into the depths of skin diving and spearfishing. From gear and tactics, to training and wild stories, you will certainly want to jump on board this boat to find out what it’s all about!

We have a lot of laughs cutting it up and we look forward to continuing the conversation in the future. They know how to get the fish, but even more important, they know how to have a good time and share it with the community! If you have ever been curious, this is a great place to start and the right guys to reach out to!!!

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