Talk About it Outdoors | Episode 97

Talk About it Outdoors | Episode 97

Bringin the South North in this 2nd part to the crossover marathon episode we recently ran with the men at the Talk About It Outdoors Podcast. Be sure to head over to their platform to catch episode 1 of a great night, and you may get some new insights into the two of us. While your there, make sure to give the guys a great review, subscribe, and stay tuned to what they are doing because they certainly put on a great show!

Continuing the conversation from part 1, we get to dive into what drives these two towards their passion for the southern outdoors and the podcast lifestyle. There are a lot of laughs, some Trev’s bloopers, plenty of content about the outdoors, and of course, a great time all around! You’ll need to buckle up for this trip, cause it’s a bit of a wild ride!

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