Trapped under the Twin Towers - 9/11 - Will Jimeno - Episode 78

Trapped under the Twin Towers - 9/11 - Will Jimeno - Episode 78

For the first time, Trev and Steve are speechless and actually complete a serious conversation on the show. This Week we are HONORED to have hear the story of Will Jimeno, 1 of 2 survivors who found themselves buried beneath the Twin towers on 9/11. This Story is one that needs to be heard by every American, regardless of their age. This is a special part of our history, and we are proud to bring you this once in a lifetime podcast.

Will tells us his story from life as a young officer, to the day our country stood still, and the struggles that followed. He also tells us how he faced his demons and fought to become a role model for his family and the country, and of course… how Hunting brings his family together. This ride is both full throttle and steady idle at the same time, so we advise you pay attention and take in the lessons that are fixing to be gifted to all of America.

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