Matt Wettish - ROTV
GOBBLE GOBBLE Join us on The Outdoor Drive as we take you a very familiar place that we all can not wait to be! You ask where that is? The turkey woods with Matt the Turkey Man. Mr Matt Wettish...
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Captain Seth's Sportfishing
We have "Sethica" the dynamic duo join us at the 2020 outdoor and fishing show in Mohegan Sun. They take us behind the scene not only Capt Seth's Sportfishing but also Arthur Murray dance studio! Get your ear buds ready...
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Garrett Benner - Modern Assassin
WARNING MODERN ASSASSIN WARNING We take the Drive with our brother in arms the Modern Assassin as he takes us through the Harrisburg show in his eyes of being the Number 1 salesman in Harrisburg. We start driving over curbs and...
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