Louis Ferreira

Lou developed the passion for hunting at the age of 17. His boss at the time was a big hunter and introduced Lou to the hunting world. He had always fished growing up and wanted to hunt as a kid but now the dream was coming true. Not having any family that hunted, Lou was brand new to the whole thing. He basically had to teach himself and learn through time in the woods and trial and error.
  Having to figure it out for himself really helped hone his skills as an all around outdoorsman. Things got serious about 10 years into his hunting career when he started to target strictly mature bucks, and he’s been pretty successful in doing so. Lou decided in 2019 that he wanted to start recording his hunts to share with the public to help get others into hunting and hopefully teach some people a few things. Since then he’s been able to capture quite a few harvests on camera and hopes to capture many more with the Outdoor Drive team.