Seth Beaulieu

Seth Beaulieu

Seth started his journey with the outdoors at a very young age, his father and grandfather being avid outdoorsman and role models had him hunting and fishing as soon as he could walk. That adventure only picked up more steam as he grew older. Thus further growing his passion of hunting and fishing to every species and season available.

From the thunder of turkeys in the spring to bowhunting whitetail, or ducks and geese in the heart of a blizzard that's what Seth calls living.

To top it all showing this life to his wife and there little girl is his biggest passion. Seth says there is no greater challenge than hunting and fishing at a high level with a young child but also no greater reward.

No stranger to hunting and filming and the challenges they add, Seth enjoys nothing more than capturing those moments and being able to share his story with friends and family for years to come.

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