Trevor Berwick

Trevor Berwick

Trevor was born and raised in the small farm town of Coventry, CT. His drive for the outdoors began to develop early as he was heavily influenced by his family. His father was an avid wing shooter and bass fisherman, spending ample amounts of time on the bass boat all over the state of CT, where Trev often slept on the deck during all-night fishing events.

Growing up on a lake, you could always find him fishing. Whether he was using a spinning rod or a fly rod, most of his time was spent catching freshwater species ranging from sunfish to largemouth, or night fishing for bullheads. 

The passion grew into full-blown addiction with the introduction to new outdoor activities such as archery hunting, saltwater fishing, and shed hunting.

Trevor has followed his passion to some amazing places, such as being a full-time fisherman on a charter boat as well as a bone taxidermist with Dermestid beetles. He is immersed in the outdoors year-round, but what truly drives him is sharing the excitement with others as they experience the feelings that he had at such a young age when he shot his first pheasant, caught his first fish, or when he first exchanged stories with other like-minded outdoorsmen.

These memories are like the sunrise painting the waters or the sunsets slowly drifting over a field. As a host on The Outdoor Drive Podcast, he hopes to share his passion and drive with others, in hopes to inspire them to get out there and experience that which he has found such a passion for in his own life.

Trevor Berwick, Outdoor Drive Podcast Host

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