Tyler Forbes

Unlike most, Tyler found his passion for the outdoors and archery later in life at the age of 28. Throughout his younger years, Tyler was always competitive in baseball and football and would occasionally spend his free time hiking, camping and fishing. Tyler states, “The day I met my father for the very first time at the age of 28, I immediately fell in love with the outdoors”. Tyler’s father was an avid outdoorsman. Whether he was fishing or lobstering on his boat, racoon hunting or chasing whitetail deer, he was a man of the outdoors. Tyler’s father took him under his wing immediately and both cherished every second together in the outdoors. A bond was finally formed and both men were at last together doing everything they had wished they were able to do the previous 28 years.

Archery hunting whitetail deer became an addiction for Tyler rapidly. The strategizing, scouting and game of chess with these beautiful animals magnified his passion. His first full season hunting whitetail deer began in 2020. He was able to arrow his first deer ever, a doe. Tyler didn’t stop there as he tagged out buck tags in MA by the beginning of December ending a successful first season.

The second year of Tyler’s hunting career he expanded his passion into incorporating a camera to capture his hunting moments on film. 2021 started with a bang during turkey season as he was able to harvest two turkeys on film before tagging out in MA. The addiction continued to grow and the scouting, boots on the ground and 10% attitude became his lifestyle. As the whitetail deer season began, Tyler saw his opportunities and encounters with mature deer become more regular. After a 31-yard miss on a mature 140-inch buck, his season got tough. He persevered and quickly matured into a disciplined and patient hunter by killing two mature does with his bow, one from the ground. His confidence grew and he carried it with him into December where he shot two bucks bringing his MA season to an end.

The 2022 season brought on excitement as Tyler co-founded a production company that turned outdoor situations into cinematic movies, Anchor Point Productions. Being a police Sergeant on the overnight shift gave Tyler the ability to live out his dream and spend hundreds of hours scouting, seeking private permission, spending time in the woods with his wife/kids and creating storylines for mature bucks he had his eyes on. His successes speak for themselves as he started 2022 off with killing 3 turkeys across two states and killing his first bear in Maine. The whitetail deer season started as Tyler killed his target buck, a 6.5-year-old 140-in buck he coined Daggers. Tyler followed this harvest up with a 28-yard shot on a mature doe before tagging out of buck tags in MA on November 21st killing a beautiful 9-point buck.

Tyler can always be seen on film calling his wife Rhiana, son Beckett and daughter Rosalina after every single harvest. The support Tyler has from his family is just an example of what is needed to be successful. His family is just as dedicated to every story created. Tyler stated “The outdoors means much more to me than just harvesting an animal. It has saved my life, given me the chance to be best friends with my father and lets me share my passion with my son and daughter that I didn’t have the ability to do with my dad.”